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March 6th, 2008 (02:46 am)

○△×: anxious
♪: NEWS ♫ weeeek

No not another blog crew... XD OH YES! I had this oh so awesome idea when I argued about the fact that I didn't find a fitting blog crew to claim Hasshi and suddenly I had the idea of making a blog crew about jailbaits. XDD

§『insert Japanese artist here』§ is my personal ~JAILBAIT~


Hey! Say! JUMP!
   Arioka Daiki xxaibaxl0v3xx
   Chinen Yuri lizzfan
   Inoo Kei amethystdream3
   Morimoto Ryutaro onigirii_xb
   Nakajima Yuto mitani
   Okamoto Keito apdsqueaky
   Takaki Yuya chibilover14
   Yamada Ryosuke hanetsuki
   Yaotome Hikaru blueberryxxjam

   Watanabe Shota ayau3

   Nikaido Takashi kate64100
   Senga Kento pixisity

other Johnny's jrs.
   Hashimoto Ryosuke ichi_ichigo_san
   Kamei Taku miyukiss
   Morimoto Shintaro junno_aiba88
   Yamashita Reon kinomoto_narika

other Jpop
   Sakurada Doori crazy_otaku911


~none yet~

   Kamiki Ryunosuke yoake_love_song
   Miura Haruma kyoumei

♡ Allowed is every artist as long as he or she is active in Japan and younger than 18 the moment you claim them. ♡
♡ And yes I'm pretty much aware of the fact that if you are underaged the jailbait won't be a jailbait anymore (in most countries at least... I think XD), but since I can't check if you're telling the truth about your age I decided not to care about the age of the claimer ♡
♡ Please add the category, the full name (and if if applicable the group) of your desired artist into your claim comment. ♡
♡ One artist per user. One user per artist. :3 ♡
♡ Be nice. Have fun claming ♡
♡ First come, first serve. ♡
♡ Copy and paste tis icon § in your subject line so that I know you read the rules. :3 ♡
♡ Copy and paste this code below into your profile ♡

§『insert Japanese artist here』§ is my personal ~JAILBAIT~


Posted by: ~*♥*Takayama Jen*♥*~ (chibilover14)
Posted at: March 6th, 2008 05:56 am (UTC)

Ooh.. really? I have to check them out sometime? lol

Ah I see. lol Well I used to be a Yuto fan and it changed to Takaki somehow.. @___@ Is he cute? O.O;;; Don't do that! You'll hurt yourself!!! >.>;;;
Aww lucky.. *attempts to steal it* Oh really? Ish the piccy online?
I see. It's alright to like younger guys! A lot of people don't like younger guys.. >.>;;; Even though I'm like 15.. but Yuto ish 14! But Takaki ish 17 so yeah.. @___@ Inoo Kei ish awesome too! Second favorite for now. I dunno how he went up in my list. lol
Hey, wanna be friends? O.O;;;

Posted by: ☆ ~ only for the stars in your eyes ~ ☆ (abartiges_kind)
Posted at: March 6th, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
Kisumai ♫ Senga ♥ you

Do so. ♥ X3

Senga? Well yeah! I think he's cute. X3 *points at icon* XD
Uhh... *stops* o_o; ... XDD
*protects poster* DX Mine! ... XDD I'm pretty sure that it is online... somewhere could find it with photobucket, imageshack, ljseek and google. ^^; If I'd remember which mag it was from I coul look for it at boys paper... XD ..but yeah. ^^;
Inoo pretty much ninja'd himself to my top juniors without me really noticing it. XDD ♥ Suddenly I was all... Inoo. *___* Squee~ XDD Whoa~ I can be a so annoying fangirl. XDD

Sure? ♥ X3 *adds*