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April 12th, 2008 (12:55 am)

○△×: determined
♪: Sankyoudai ♫ Purin

Add me at ichi_ichigo_san or not. ♥ Love to see you all over there.

♡ ~ personal jailbait blogcrew ~ ♡

March 6th, 2008 (02:46 am)

○△×: anxious
♪: NEWS ♫ weeeek

No not another blog crew... XD OH YES! I had this oh so awesome idea when I argued about the fact that I didn't find a fitting blog crew to claim Hasshi and suddenly I had the idea of making a blog crew about jailbaits. XDD

§『insert Japanese artist here』§ is my personal ~JAILBAIT~

♫~claim list~♫Collapse )

♡ Allowed is every artist as long as he or she is active in Japan and younger than 18 the moment you claim them. ♡
♡ And yes I'm pretty much aware of the fact that if you are underaged the jailbait won't be a jailbait anymore (in most countries at least... I think XD), but since I can't check if you're telling the truth about your age I decided not to care about the age of the claimer ♡
♡ Please add the category, the full name (and if if applicable the group) of your desired artist into your claim comment. ♡
♡ One artist per user. One user per artist. :3 ♡
♡ Be nice. Have fun claming ♡
♡ First come, first serve. ♡
♡ Copy and paste tis icon § in your subject line so that I know you read the rules. :3 ♡
♡ Copy and paste this code below into your profile ♡

§『insert Japanese artist here』§ is my personal ~JAILBAIT~

♡ ワッハッハー ♡

February 29th, 2008 (11:46 pm)

○△×: busy
♪: Kanjani 8 ♫ Wahhahhaa

Right now while I'm writing this entry I'm watching the Wahhahhaa PV for 564683251 time... or so. XD It's so adorable, cute and cracky. *___*
Eito PVs are the best... really. When I heard this song for the first time I... well... thought it was okay, but nothing special. Then it slowly it grew on me and now that I watched the PV on (almost) endless repeat I actually began to love this songs to bits.

I planned to make screen shots of my favourite scenes of the PV... which ended up in 63 in number. O__O; I couldn't help it... there too many scenes screen shot worthy. XDD
You probably already read lots of flailing abut the PV and might be sick of it... so feel free to ignore this post.
It'll only contain more flailing, lots and lots of pictures (mainly Yasu and Subaru - because I'm biased like this XD) and mild bashing (because I like to tease those I love ♥). The more I love you, the more I tease you. XD

誰かが笑うさCollapse )

I haven't thought that this post would take up that much time. *sweats*
*hurries to make the voting post at jrs_awards*

★「JE song for your funeral 」Blog Crew★

February 23rd, 2008 (12:52 am)

○△×: lazy
♪: Kobukuro ♫ Kimiiro

So, everyone who's sick of the flood of blog crews please stop reading now! XD
I had this idea a few hours ago and instead of doing something useful I put it into practice. ♥
So yeah... here we go. :3

†~I wantinsert JE song hereto be played ♫on my funeral♫~†

♫~claim list~♫Collapse )


December 30th, 2007 (04:52 am)

○△×: blah
♪: Takki & Tsubasa ♫ SAMURAI

Well there have been some people who added me to their f-list without leaving me a note... anywhere.
Minna! I don't have this super-shiny FO-post for nothing... you know. I'd like who the hell is adding me there.

Well... anyways if you can read your username in that list below I'll give you the chance to leave a comment here, why you have added me. If you don't do so within the next week I'll ban you from my f-list. Sorry, if that might sound haughty or anything, but I don't like to have 'friends of' on my profile page which I don't even know. ^^'


It isn't that hard to leave a comment, ne~ And I won't bite. I promise. XD

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